Layers of Grace

As a Christ follower there is nothing more exciting than the day your child chooses to follow Christ. Figuring out if they actually understand what they’re doing can be difficult though. It can be a challenge to dig deeper without discouraging them or overthinking it.

Childlike faith is a phrase many of us are probably familiar with. I have had a few revelations of this throughout my life but none compare to my son explaining to me his decision to follow Christ. His explanation showed me again how to stop overthinking and to see how simple choosing to have faith in God can be.

You see, I have a PhD in overthinking things. Okay not really, but if there was such a thing I wouldn’t even have to go to school for it. From a young age I was a question asker and although my parents I’m sure hoped my incessant questioning would simmer down a bit after childhood they found this to not be the case. In all honesty it’s not even about me gaining knowledge. I long to understand others.

We all process & comprehend things so differently & I love learning the reasoning behind that. Seeing beauty where I didn’t notice it before. Changing my perspective. And gaining admiration for others is fun to me.

So although I’ve been saved for many years I’m constantly learning more about God & all his attributes. I also welcome the simplicity my son presents things to me with. Thinking deeply about things is fun & inspiring but God concepts don’t always have to be complicated.

So there I was with my son telling me he had accepted Christ into his heart. I was both overly joyous & concerned that maybe he was just following the masses.

So I asked him:

Me: “What made you decide to ask Jesus in your heart?”

G: “Well God just seemed like an amazingly awesome nice guy & I wanted to follow Him”

Me: “Do you feel like anything has changed since you’ve asked Him in your heart?”

I braced myself for a confused look or dismissive response.

G: “I just feel, like a calm inside”

How simple is that? Pretty simple. Yet profound.

The word grace has been in our family vocabulary for a long time. Often times when our son messes up & shows remorse we will extend grace to him. We tell him, normally you would not get another chance to do right & would have a consequence but I am going to have grace on you. Please decide to make a better choice next time or there will have to be a consequence. This doesn’t happen all the time but enough for him to understand the idea of what grace is.

One day when he was three or four years old he innocently looked up at me after making a bad choice & said “can you put grace on me?”

Although he didn’t intentionally word it this way I adored it, immediately relating it to the grace God put on me.

So now he is six almost seven and we are talking about the grace that God gave us through Jesus. He again innocently looked me in the eye & said “So every time I mess up He just puts layer on layer of grace on me?”

Yes son, that’s exactly right.

His grace covers us like cozy blankets, enveloping us, eliminating our human need for shame. Often after we mess up we can feel exposed or find it necessary to emotionally beat ourselves up for whatever amount of time our inner selves deem acceptable.

You know what I’ve learned & am continuing to learn?

God’s grace ranks higher than every thought that enters your mind.

God’s grace speaks louder in the most gentle tone.

God’s grace holds us tight & keeps our value intact.

Layer upon layer of grace….that’s what He gives us. Such a simple & yet intricate gift He has given & it’s all ours if we accept it. My heart is thankful.

The mess in me honors the mess in you friends, & God’s grace covers ALL OF IT!

Woot Woot!




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