100 Gift Ideas for the Women You Celebrate on Mother’s Day

It’s no secret that Mommas deserve to be spoiled & shown lots of love, especially on Mother’s Day. Some Mommas would prefer their kids make them something handmade, some breakfast in bed, or a day without chores to tend to. & I’m right there with you! I adore the handmade crafts & the proud looks on my kiddos faces when they present a meal to me that they made with love. Don’t skip that part Hubbies!

But what does a husband get for his wife for Mother’s Day? What about the adult children looking to spoil a mother, after having the realization of just how much sacrifice it takes to even come close to being a successful Momma? 

Below is a list of 100 gift ideas that the Mom. Mum. Mother. Grandma. in your life will love!

If nothing else, I hope this list inspires you to get something unique for her. A gift that shows her, yes, of course, we love you every day of the year, but a little extra on Mother’s Day.

So here it goes!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended. While clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money, they will help us keep this site up and running!

For the Momma Who Loves Being in the Kitchen:

1. Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering – Joanna Gaines | This cookbook was one that women everywhere were excitedly waiting for. With it just being released, it’s quite possible your Momma doesn’t have it yet!

2. Dash Compact Air Fryer | My Sister-in-Love has one of these & I’m always so impressed with how good everything tastes without the need of oil!

3. Instant Pot | I cannot get away from the raves & reviews about how amazing the Instant Pot is! It is helping Mommas create awesome meals without having to slave away for hours in the kitchen, making this not only an awesome gift, but a time saver!

4. “Grandmas Never Run Out of Cookies or Kisses” Kitchen Towel | I loved this when I saw it. So cute. So simple. & definitely So true in our families.

5. Kate Spade’s New York Women’s Strawberry Drinkware | These glasses are so simple & sweet. I can easily imagine myself sitting outside sipping some lemonade or juice from them while watching the kids play. 

For the Coffee & Tea Drinking Momma:

6. Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug | This invention seems like every Momma’s dream come true. Mommas everywhere have the same problem, while taking care of everyone else, their hot coffee or tea gets cold by the time they get a minute to drink it. This mug keeps your beverage the perfect temp! Alleviating another morning frustration for your Momma.

7. 100% Kauai Ground Coffee | If the Momma in your life is all about flavored coffee than getting her something she’s never had before could be a definite win for you this Mother’s Day. This coconut caramel crunch coffee sounded so scrumptious to me, but there are other flavors to choose from too. Making her morning coffee a little hug from you!

8. World’s Best Mom Mug | The perfect way to tell your Momma over & over again that no matter what she’s the best in the world. You really can’t go wrong with this classic.

9. Heavenly Tea Leaves Sampler | Loose leaf tea is so yummy! Whether the Momma in your life is a tea addict or has said she’s interested in trying it, this is a great sampler.

10. Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box | Another variety box of tea, but this one isn’t loose leaf, so she can just drop it in her cup & wait for it to steep. With eight different flavors she’s sure to find a few she likes, if she’s giving tea a try for the first time.

11. Death Wish Ground Coffee – The World’s Strongest Coffee Hilarious name & maybe not the message you want to send your Momma on a day purposed to celebrate her, but hear me out! This coffee claims to be the world’s strongest, so if the Momma in your life love’s coffee but isn’t getting the jump-start she feels she needs, this just might be the best gift she receives. A real pep in her step so she can conquer the world with a little more ease.

12. Loved Mom Mug I really can’t say enough about the Lenny Mud mugs. I own several & love how long they last, their messages {obvi}, & their perfect size. This is definitely a great way to send the message: Momma you are so so loved.

13. Bamboo Tea Bag Storage Organizer | For the Momma who craves a little more organization, but has a cupboard somewhere in the kitchen filled to the brim with different teas. I love the idea of this box & the time it saves by making it so she can easily decide which tea she’d like without trying to sort through all the boxes & tins in the cupboard.

For the Momma “On the Go”

14. Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug |I know, I know I put the ceramic mug version of this product on the list already. But I can’t help but feel like this product is pure genius! Any Momma who’s constantly on the go will appreciate having one of these in her life annnnd the person who gave it to her 😉

15. Mighty Mug Go Travel Mug Soooo my Hunky Hubby received one of these as a Christmas gift [a more manly color of course] & it was seriously a source of entertainment throughout the day. Everyone kept trying to nonchalantly knock it over & ended up being so impressed that it really didn’t tip when you bumped into it! So for the lady in your life that is constantly complaining of spilled beverages, THIS right here is what she needs in her life. You’ll be her hero, trust me on this.

16. Canvas Shoulder Big Tote/Shopping Bag When I was browsing for a cute tote bag to add to this list, [because who doesn’t love a good tote?] I stopped in my tracks when I came across this one. It’s so stylish & can be used for so many things. Maybe the Momma in your life has kids who are too big for a diaper bag but still have plenty of things that she has to carry around, this is what she needs. 

For the Wine Lovin’ Momma

17. “Bring Me Some Wine” Socks This is the kind of gift that will definitely encourage the Momma in your life to put her feet up & relax on her special day. Funny, comfy, & perfect for a day of relaxation.

18. Swig Luxe 12 oz Wine Cup |  A Momma sippy cup. We are constantly getting up & sitting down, outside, & bustling around so a lid on our beverages in a fancy way is perfect. This is also a great gift for anyone who likes to enjoy a drink in their hot tub or pool!  

19. Metal Monogram Letter Wine Cork Holder I used to collect all my wine corks in a trifle bowl on top of my fridge. This is a much better alternative. It takes something you enjoy, recycles it, & then incorporates it into your decor in a very personal way.

For the Momma Looking to Relax

20. Skyline Furniture Tufted Fainting Sofa, Velvet Aubergine This “fainting sofa” takes up little room, but provides a nice little spot for your Momma to rest, prop her feet up, or apply her favorite lotion.21. LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs These unique bath bombs are handcrafted in California. Beautiful & the perfect way to pamper your loved one. They are made with natural ingredients & will not stain your tub. Making them a truly relaxing gift.

22. Bamboo Bathtub Caddy The perfect way to put all of her favorite things within arms reach while she relaxes in the tub. With this pretty & adjustable bathtub caddy she can enjoy a cold beverage & thumbs up a song she likes with ease.

23. The Original Gorilla Grip Premium Spa Bath Pillow Leaning her head back in the tub after a long day will be even more enjoyable with this premium spa pillow. 

24. Two Person Hammock Few things say relaxation like a hammock does. Resting in one of these with headphones, a book, or just listening to nature is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening. Also this one is big enough for you to join her! Win-win!

25. Chanasya Super Soft Faux Fur Throw Blanket This super soft blanket comes in MANY different colors, so you will definitely find one that fits your Momma’s personality.

26. Essential Oil Diffuser Whether the Momma in your life is a pro with essential oils or been intrigued  for a while & not sure where to begin, having a diffuser can be a great place to start. And the oily pros already know that you never have too many diffusers. 

27. Natrogix Nirvana Essential Oils There is a LOT of information out there about oils. Something that I always look for when buying oils is that they are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade. This set has over 900 amazing reviews & includes their top 18 oils. 

28. YnM Weighted Blanket Maybe the woman you’re celebrating is always cold, this is a great way to keep her warm at night. For those Mommas that tend to have emotional or anxiety filled days, the weighted blanket actually calms the body, which should assist in a better night sleep. A good night sleep is a phenomenal gift in my opinion!

For the Book Worm Momma

29. You are Doing a Freaking Great Job Pretty self-explanatory. For the lady in your life that just needs to be validated & reminded she’s doing a great job.

30. Emerging with Wings – Danielle Bernock If the Momma you’re shopping for loves a good memoir than look no further. An amazing work about a heroine who was rejected, disappointed, & at times weary. She learned & then helps others to see that you can emerge from all the darkness, lies, & trauma with wings, joy, & victory. 

31. Carry on Warrior – Glennon Doyle Melton It’s no secret that this book changed my life. Our “we can do hard things” family mantra came from this beautifully funny & inspiring work of art. I recommend this book to every single Momma looking for a good book from a relatable writer.

32. Girl, Wash Your Face – Rachel Hollis The title may throw you off a little, when thinking about gifting this to someone, but seeing this book make it to the New York’s Best Seller list & then watching the interview with Rachel on her site, I feel confident adding it to the list. This book is all about helping women own their lives & take hold of their futures in a freeing way they may have never done before. Freedom & ownership. Two really great gifts for a Momma who loves to read & be inspired.

33. In the Company of Women: Inspiration & Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, & Entrepreneurs – Grace Bonney A great gift for the Mompreneurs out there. Provide her with more inspiration by seeing & reading the stories of other successful women.

34. Harry Potter Book Set – J.K. Rowling Because a good piece of fiction is sometimes the greatest escape & gift for someone living a hectic life. 

35. Antique Box Design Wood Bathroom Facial Tissue Dispenser Just for fun.

36. Public Library Candle While some might not love the smell of a public library, for a book-worm it’s quite possibly the best smell in the world. {other scents available} 

For the Crafty & Creative Momma

37. Calligraphy Starter Kit Calligraphy is an old skill that is from my perspective making a comeback. While some kids are no longer learning cursive, us Mommas are using it in a lot of our home decor. This set is one I was gifted with last year & it is amazing. Very easy to use, with everything needed to get started. 

38. Lightbox with 109 Letters, Numbers, & Symbols Light boxes are super popular right now. Instead of making a graphic or writing a message on a chalkboard/whiteboard, Mommas are using light boxes or felt boards. This would make a great gift for someone who likes to inspire others in fun ways, or the Insta Mom who is looking for a way to spice up her story a bit.

39. Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine Bundle A Cricut is really the holy grail for any crafty Momma. I could go into why you should buy your Momma one, but simply put, if she’s crafty & doesn’t have one, this gift will score you major brownie points. 

40. Starry Night Keyboard Cover What a fun upgrade for your Momma’s keyboard. She’s sure to love this if she enjoys art & is on her computer all the time.
41. Streamline Rainbow Color Wheel Umbrella For an artist or designer of any kind the color wheel is an essential tool to their art. Which makes this umbrella a fun & meaningful gift.

For the Momma Photographer

42. Photography Paper Backdrops Whether your buying for a Momma who is on the road to becoming a professional photographer, has a newborn that she’s addicted to snapping pics of, or if she has a home business that involves taking pictures of the products she sells, these backdrops are a great way to help her step up her picture-taking game.

Don’t forget to get the tools she needs to set those beautiful backdrops up with!

43. Umbra Hangit Photo Display A photo display is a great way to get the most out of all those pictures she’s always snapping.

44. Canon CP1300 Compact Photo Printer For the Momma who never has the time to print the zillions of pictures that she takes, this photo printer is a great time saver! Now she can print those pictures right away, AND from her phone. 

For the Music & Movie Loving Momma

45. Crosley Portable 3-speed Record Player Whether you Momma has boxes of records from the good ol’ days or is an old soul working on her collection of vinyl, a record player is a great gift for the music lover in your life.

46. Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with Built in Mic for iPhone 7 & more What Momma doesn’t like singing in the shower? I don’t know any.  {different colors available}

47. Mom’s Night Out Good clean humor that is bound to make your Momma laugh & relate, in the best way.

48. Apple iPad Honestly, the fact that an iPad made this list of great gifts to buy is not the least bit shocking. There is something for everyone on the iPad, including your Momma, no matter her age. 

Use the exclusive Namesste Momma Promo Code for 30% off select iPad cases!

49. Hands Free Mobile Device Stand Whether she’s using her mobile device to read a recipe from Pinterest, Facetiming with long distance loved ones, or playing music while she works, a pretty hands free stand can be practical & totally gift worthy.

50. The Greatest Showman Soundtrack Great movie, great music, great all around entertainment. So if the woman your shopping for loves music, receiving this as a gift could quite literally be music to her ears.

For the Succulent Loving Momma

51. Creative Cactus Pins Sweet & simple succulent pins. She can put them up on a cork board in her workspace or pin them onto a purse or tote. Wherever she puts them, they’re sure to make her smile.

52.  Small Succulent Plants & Contemporary Honeycomb Surface Pots A great gift for the Momma who wants to grow something but needs something that’s low maintenance.  & these pots are a great mix of modern & classic that are sure to be a big hit.

For the Disney Loving Momma

53. Cinderella’s Castle 11×14 Unframed Patent Print As a Disney loving Momma myself, I have to say that seeing the original blueprints or plans for the parks themselves, major attractions, or icons is a real treat. Adding this to your decor in a nice frame is something genuinely unique & something any true Disney lover will marvel at.

54. Yes, You are the Fairest of Them All, Mirror Decal A quote from Snow White that many are familiar with. But also an affirmation each time she uses the restroom or is getting ready to go somewhere. Sure to provide a chuckle but also some sweet love in her heart every time she sees it.

For the Momma Who Loves Home Decor

55. Rustic Open Box Shelves Modern Farmhouse decor is all the rage right now, [thanks Joanna Gaines], which makes these rustic shelves perfect for the empty wall she’s not sure what she should put on. 

56. Divano Roma Furniture Velvet Scroll Arm Tufted Button Chesterfield Style Sofa For me this couch was love at first sight. Again with the velvet, I know. They have a variety of colors that are sure to be bring a lovely color pop to the room of her choice.

For the Momma Who Needs an Extra Hand

57. iRobot Rumba Vacuum with WiFi Connectivity Turning on the vacuum from your phone & then letting it do all the work? yeah that’s amazing gift for any Momma, heck any human really. So if you are looking to alleviate some of her stress & her love language is Acts of Service, this is the perfect gift.

For the Yogi Momma

58. Gaiam Print Yoga Mat Gaiam is a well-known brand of all things yoga equipment. They have a lot of different patterns to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect one for your gift recipient. This is a great beginner mat.
59. Plyopic All-In-One Yoga Mat For the Momma who loves all things yoga, this is the mat to get. It also comes in a variety of patterns, is non-slip, & has a line down the middle so that she can perfect her poses with ease & keep in proper position.

Don’t forget the yoga mat cleaner & towel too!

For the Momma with the Strong T-Shirt Game

60. I’m Not Like a Regular Mom Let your Momma tell everyone just how cool you think she is…the coolest, duh.
61. Mom Life | Perfect for the Momma who absolutely loves the Mom Life ❤

62. Mama Bear Long Sleeve If your Momma is crazy protective over you, but in the best {& hopefully healthy} way, this shirt not only says it all, but it cozy to boot! 

63. Mama Bear Floral Short Sleeved Sweet, simple, & let’s everyone know that your Momma takes care of her cubs.

64. Best Mom in the Galaxy Love sci-fi movies? Are you a bit nerdy? Let your Momma know she is out of this world with this fun t-shirt. 

For the Momma who Loves to Be Pampered

65. Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Chocolate Gold Gift Box Because you can’t go wrong with chocolate. [Unless your Momma hates chocolate or is allergic to it…if either of those are the case, skip this one]

66. Happy Skin Rejuvenating Facial Sheet Masks Give her a reason to slow down, closer her eyes, & just breathe, all while rejuvenating her skin. 

67. Prada Candy Perfume Mommas like to smell good. ESPECIALLY if they are in that phase where their kids are spitting up, peeing, puking, or pooping on them. Help them feel feminine with a perfume they love. Prada Candy is one of the best-selling perfumes today.

68. Betsey Johnson Perfume |My personal favorite. Receiving this as a gift made me feel so loved. It was the scent I loved & made me feel like me. Like a woman. Valuable. 

69. Chanel Chance Perfume Another best-selling perfume on today’s lists. Chanel also has elegance & value tied to its name. Giving that to someone shows them that you think they are valuable as well. Just try to find out what type of scent your Momma likes so you can find something in that family, {floral, powder, etc…}that she’s sure to love.

For the Outdoorsy Momma

70. Elevated Vegetable Garden Bed If your Momma has a green thumb, or two, then an elevated vegetable garden could be the way to go. There is something very rewarding about eating veggies you’ve home-grown, all summer long.

Don’t forget these starter pods & seeds to put in your planter!

71. Grow Your Own Organic Herbal Tea If the Momma your shopping for loves tea AND growing things then you’ve just hit the jackpot with this gift. Drinking tea that she grew herself, just might top the list of coolest things ever. 

72. Home Sweet Home Garden Flag Give her something that can welcome her home each day, offering her a reminder that sharing a home with her, really is the sweetest.

Don’t forget the stand for it!

73. Hello Front Door/Wall Decal Another way sweet way to welcome your Momma home & all the guests she invites over.

74. Spring/Summer Wreath Does she love flowers & outdoor decorations? Then a beautiful wreath with her favorite flowers in it, is the way to go.

75. Camping Hammock If it’s something adventurous you’re looking to gift, than grab one of these for her. A great alternative to camping in a tent & an amazing way to see the stars, while also keeping the bugs away.

For the Glam Momma

76. Fossil Jacqueline 3-Hand Leather Watch Set Fossil brand, rose gold, AND earrings.

77. Round Halo Pendant Necklace |Something that sparkles & shines, just like she does.

78. Rose Gold Lotus Earrings For the true Namesste Mommas out there, rising above no matter what life throws her way. This gift shows her that you admire her strength.

79. Lucky Brand Openwork Three Tier Pendant Necklace Fun & bit of a tribal vibe to it, which is very popular right now. Sure to be a win for the trendy Momma in your life.

80. Umbra Tesora Jewelry Box, Concrete/Copper When I came across this item I was so intrigued, it actually comes apart & stores jewelry inside. It’s definitely a unique piece that is perfect for storing her glam in a stylish way.

81. Umbra Tesora Jewelry Organizer Concrete/Copper  Saving your Momma from the frustration of tangled & broken necklaces is definitely something she will thank you for.

For the Momma Who Can Never Have Enough Purses or Bags

82. Fossil Ryder Satchel Unique & trendy shape.

83. London Fog Sussex Satchel Convertible Cross Body Sweet & sophisticated, while also functional with the cross body option.

84. The Sak Figueroa Convertible Crossbody I personally love how this appears to be so roomy, while also remaining stylish.

85. BAOSHA HB-28 Ladies Overnight Bag Planning a vacation? Does the Momma in your life go to visit her parents often? Or does your Momma come to visit you? This overnight bag is a perfect carry on & stylish way to transport all her necessities.

For the Sentimental Momma

86. Cursive Laser Cut “I Love My Mom” This is actually a greeting card that she can keep AND put on display. A great upgrade from the classic Mother’s Day card.87. Mommy & Me Coloring Book If the Momma you’re buying for loves to color, then this is a great gift for your kids to get her. They can color together & create masterpieces that they both can cherish for years to come.

88. Engraved Bar Necklace Getting a bar with each childs name, nickname, or birthdate is a great way to celebrate motherhood for the sentimental Momma.

89. Personalized Cuff Bracelet If there isn’t a certain mantra, saying, scripture, or proverb that inspires the woman you are looking to buy for, these personalized cuff bracelets are a great & stylish way to keep reminding her of that inspiration.

90. Personalized Birthstone Mother’s Necklace | A unique & beautiful representation of each of her children’s birthstones.

91. “What I Love About Mom” – Fill in Journal This gift is sure to queue the waterworks. Filling this book with things that you love about your her is a fantastic way to show her you care about & appreciate her.

For the Willow Tree Collecting Momma

 92. Willow Tree Angel of Mine The first time parent or parent of a newborn. Also, because of the name this could possibly be a sweet gift for the Momma who has experienced infant loss or miscarriage.

93. Willow Tree The Quilt Show your gratefulness for the unique comfort only she gives.

94. Willow Tree Mother Daughter Figurine The safety & friendship she provides.

95. Willow Tree Quietly The gentleness she offers to your small children.

96. Willow Tree Generations To celebrate the beautiful legacy she is a part of.

For the Long Distance Momma

97. Oh, Susannah “Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me” Pillowcase A chuckle & then some comfort will accompany this gift to your Momma across the miles.

98. Homesick Scented Candle You can choose any state that your Momma might be missing. Many positive reviews &  no matter what your effort will make her smile.99. “Distance Means So Little” 9×12 Print A great reminder that no matter the miles between you & your Momma the love you share is greater.

For the Momma Who Likes to Shop for Herself 😉

100. Amazon Gift Cards Getting a Momma a gift card doesn’t have to come across as not caring. She may not know exactly what she wants or just likes the chance to browse & choose what she likes. Bottom line, know the Momma you’re buying for & don’t worry about anything else.

SO many great options & such an easy way to shop for the women in your life, that deserve all the love & showering of gifts this Mother’s Day.

Prime shipping means it takes only 2 days to get to you, so it’s not too late to get her something she will absolutely love!

Comment below & let me know: Did you see anything that inspired you? That you hope your kids or hubby get you? What was your favorite gift you’ve ever received [other than those awesome homemade crafts, breakfasts, & love of course]

May each Momma reading this feel extra loved & celebrated this weekend.



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