Weekly Affirmation – Success

Are you overcoming your anger this week with your children, spouse, or coworkers?

Fighting fear in regards to your health or job security?

Maybe you’re in an especially chaotic season of life & your plate keeps dropping things off the edges because it’s so full?

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur or wanna be entrepreneur that is starting to second guess whether or not you have what it takes to achieve your long-term goals?

Or maybe you have an attitude issue, that you just can’t seem to snap out of?

WHATEVER your “THING” this week is, I hope you can place the following affirmation in the forefront of your mind & that it brings you power.


I believe in myself & my ability to succeed

Common sense & success belong to me. Insight & strength are mine. Proverbs 8:14ย NLT

Initially when we see the mountain ahead of us we can be easily discouraged.

If we keep talking about the impossibility of success.

If we keep playing on repeat in our heads that we don’t have what it takes to accomplish what our hearts desire…

We can bet our bottom dollar that we won’t ever get there.

So I encourage you, right along with myself, that we:ย Identify the strength of our mind & focus. Then use that strength to propel us forward, rather than weighing us down or keeping us stationary.

You hold the ability to succeed within you! Because God put it there. He wove success into your DNA when He created you.

Believe that success is within| Fan its flame | Keep Moving Forward

Happy Monday my Loves! I hope you kick this week in the booty & then come back & tell me all about it. I’m rooting for you ๐Ÿ™‚



The Mess in Me Honors the Mess in You

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