Embracing Uncertainty

Generally speaking, we crave to know, what the future holds.

When reading a book our eyes can’t move across the words fast enough. Our fingers flip the pages too slowly, as we surge forward wanting to know what happens.

Is the person going to make it? Was everything a farce? Will their be happiness? Love? Great disappointment? We can’t seem to get to the end quick enough, so we can find out.

If you were able to see inside my brain while I watched a movie, you would see a cluster of moving parts all frantically trying to piece the story together. How will this end? Who is the antagonist? Will there be a twist? Will the ending provide closure or a cliff hanger laced with controversy? example: Inception

Although books & movies are often fiction, the same process our minds go through, can be applied to how we approach the uncertainties of life. How will I die? Will the cancer kill me? Is this job going to actually sustain us? Will this friendship I’m pouring into last? Will my spouse really choose me for the rest of their life, remain faithful, & stay committed? Is there really a heaven after earth? As much as we can confidently say we know the answers to some of these questions…I can’t help but experience the question…what if I turn the corner & realize that what I thought I knew was only a piece of the truth? Can I never make an informed decision? 

As my heart begs my children to grow a little slower & for the laughter to last just a little bit longer…life plunges forward & I find myself squinting my eyes, trying to see as far ahead as I possibly can.

The uncertainty of life can be stressful & it can thrilling.

While we move ahead in this cancer journey with my Dad, the uncertainties of life seem to have multiplied. The number of questions we have, grows daily. We even have questions about the questions we don’t know we will have! It’s a crazy season for sure.

There I stood, only a tiny pub table between us, in UK at Epcot & I told my Dad that his death didn’t matter.

Okay, pick up your jaw & pop your eyes back into your head from bugging out. Maybe re-read that last line. My Dad matters. & when he dies it will most certainly matter. But not to him. What needs to matter to him, is how he lives each day he does have.

He doesn’t have any idea of how long he has left on this earth with us. But, neither do I. It’s something out of our control. What do we have control over? Our attitudes. Determination. Taking responsibility. Staying positive. Who we pray for. What we fill our hearts, minds, & days with.

So as we walked through my current favorite store at Disney Springs – Sugar Boo & Co & I saw the following quote, my heart sighed in the best way….


Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters of our lives won’t have a title until much later.  -Bob Goff

When we keep moving through difficult times, often they turn out to be transformation seasons of our lives. We are able to grow our friendships, identify resources, & strengthen our faith. While we are going through, it can take all that we have within us to not drop to the ground, throw a fit, demand to know why God would make us go through so much devastation. & trust me I’ve done that plenty of times. He doesn’t feel threatened by our lack of understanding. But as we learn who God is & who we are, these “tantrums” should happen less & less…

When talking with my Aunt before she moved, we touched on the scripture Romans 8:28 and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  

I said, it’s not that God makes the bad things in our life magically good. It’s more like…

God is the ultimate silver lining finder.

He validates our pain | Loves us through our process | Gives us hope for the future. Showing us ever so gently how we can somehow, come out the other side of our situation as better instead of bitter.

The season we may be going through today, may seem difficult, the plot unknown, waters uncharted. Our pain may be a loud gong inside our heads. BUT somehow if we keep moving forward, keeping our eyes peeled for hope, it will show up.

Because? God is faithful & even if it doesn’t always feel like it, He takes good care of us.

So when we find that hope, let us decide to pitch our tent THERE, determined to see the silver linings that He patiently waits for us to identify. Not only do we live in the land of hope, but we embrace uncertainty while we’re there!

Looking back at the books & the movies you’ve read/watched, it wasn’t the ending that was amazing. The journey, the pieces of the puzzle you slowly picked up along the way, that was what made it so fulfilling, when you got to the end. I truly believe our lives should be lived the same way.

Let us eagerly pick up every clue & morsel we come across that helps us grow & become more peaceful, loving humans. In the end, it will be our chapters that mean the most, not the finale.

Namesste Loves,


The Mess in Me Honors the Mess in You

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