The 12 Years of Marriage – Our Wedding Day

This year we will be celebrating our anniversary on the weekend after our actual wedding anniversary date. So we decided that we would do our Christmas in July celebration, on our actual anniversary for fun! Don’t roll your eyes at me….lol.

So this week we will get a turkey & some stuffing. We will bake cookies & enjoy warm beverages. Snuggle up in our comfy jams. Have some our favorite Christmas movies & music playing. Then this year we are adding a trip to the Christmas section at the library & bringing home some of our favorites!

Joy & quality time.

It’s like actual Christmas without the gifts. & I couldn’t be more excited.

While I was thinking about it though..I thought: how fun that we will be celebrating 12 years of marriage this year AND there’s a popular Christmas song you might have heard of…the 12 Days of Christmas…?

So I thought maybe we would do a 12 Years of Marriage series!

On the first day of marriage, my true love gave to me a set of wedding rings.


Our wedding day came quick…maybe a little too quick. I was still recovering from a messy broken engagement. He was living on his own for the first time ever. We were attending a school they nicknamed “Brides for the Nations”, where everyone seemed to find their “soul mate”.

So although I wasn’t ready, there we sat in the cafeteria, next to each other, laughing at the most ridiculous things, becoming friends within hours of meeting. We dated from October to December…and then got engaged. Our wedding commenced on July 15th & here we are…twelve years later.

I wanted to take a little trip through some of the bigger events & celebrations of our married life.

  1. It’s good to remind yourself of what you’ve come through.
  2. It’s good to remind yourself of the good times. {they help you push through the uncertain times if you let them.}
  3.  Hearing the stories of other married couples is inspiring & we want to be just that, inspiring.

So, the highlights of our wedding:

  • Walking down the aisle, singing with my Dad, along to a song I had recorded.
  • The smile on my Hunky Hubby’s face. The way his eyes twinkled.
  • Worshipping together.
  • Washing each other’s feet to the song: “More Than Words”
  • Leaning in for our first kiss, then real quick turning to get a squirt of breath spray. The laughter that surrounded us as we had our first kiss.


  • Our first dance.
  • Seeing the range of how long couples had been married as we all danced together.
  • So much dancing. So much laughter. So much kissing.
  • Glass Coke bottles for our toast.
  • The dollar dance. Making memories while people took time to dance, laugh, & shower us with well wishes & congrats.
  • Shutting the place down. 
  • Staying in a hotel with the most comfortable bed I’ve ever laid on.
  • Him holding my dress so I could pee, because I hadn’t all day & I wasn’t ready to get undressed.
  • Mashed Potatoes, Jumbo Shrimp, & Club Sandwiches.

Just typing that up made me smile from ear to ear. If I focus in on all the good, my heart just smiles, smiles, smiles.

Some of the things that try to creep in & steal my joy:

  • Miscommunication with family.
  • So many ridiculous arguments the week of the wedding. [fueled by anxiety & stress]
  • My dress being tied too tight, making me not like how I looked in quite a few of our pictures.
  • Starting the ceremony behind schedule, because my Grandpa was having an emotional morning that caused him to arrive late. 
  • The altercations of running late & how that effected everything else.
  • Being told a hundred times that our cake was about to fall over, even though it was designed to look that way. lol


  • The tears I cried the morning after, because I had not waited to enjoy sex with only my Hunky Hubby. 

You might say: Sarah, why are you being such a buzz kill? Only talk about the romance & joy, that’s what we want to read about, that’s what we find inspiring! Why bring up the crappy stuff & keep holding onto it? & to those who may say those things, I get where you’re coming from, I do. But here is my reply:

Our love story is not all sunshine & rainbows.

What makes our wedding memories precious to us, is that despite the not so fun things that went on surrounding & during that time, we still chose each other. We focused in on each other. Everything else became a blur around us. Nothing else stole our joy because we refused to let it.

Those tears shed? They aren’t pleasant to talk about, but the grace & unconditional love my husband gave me. The way he held me & let me just process, while surrounded with his love, his acceptance, his lack of judgement, THESE are important parts of our love story.

I would be remiss if a newly engaged person read our wedding story & walked away with unrealistic expectations for their future. Or if another married person read about all our ooey gooey lovey dovey awesomeness & wished that they had some of that with their spouse, wondering why it was so easy for us & so hard for them…?

It’s not easy. It wasn’t easy.

BUT that’s what makes it beautiful to us. THAT’s why it’s worth celebrating.

We chose love. We chose forgiveness. We chose to learn & become better communicators.

This is why we have intentionally celebrated every anniversary. It’s a badge of honor to say we didn’t give up. Because friends, it’s so tempting when things hit the fan, to walk away. But every year that we make it through, choose to love one another better, remind ourselves of the fierce love we have for each other & all the obstacles we’ve overcome along the way…the flames of our love are fanned, our roots dig a little deeper, & our love becomes that much stronger, valuable, & treasured.

So, on the first day of marriage my true love gave to me a set of wedding rings.

The inscription reads: SHMILY See How Much I Love You

We exchanged gifts – I believe this was actually the only time we exchanged gifts. & I will write more about that in my next post.

He gave me a engraved frame with our picture in it, an MP3 player filled with love songs, & his purity ring.

I gave him a pocket watch, a card each hour before the wedding [distributed by the best man], & a journal that I had written in every day of our engagement, with little notes I had written to him throughout it.

Overall, it was an amazing love filled day, that I am so very grateful for.

What were some of your favorite moments from your wedding? Or hiccups that helped strengthen you as a couple? Tell me in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed the beginning of our walk down memory lane!



The Mess in Me Honors the Mess in You

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