Weekly Affirmation – Self Acceptance

Lord knows how grateful I am for my babes. Even when they never leave me alone for one minute ever. lol You can read more about my fun parenting adventure in the public restroom last week, here: Thank God, I Can’t Pee Alone  🙂

Right now I’m going to put all humor & gratefulness aside, just for a wee minute. & I’m going to tell you: I struggle to feel comfortable in my own skin.

When I picture myself in my head, I’m a perfect mixture of boho & rockabilly. I’m at least 50 pounds lighter, my skin is clear,  I’m filled with energy, creativity, discipline & my eyes don’t have bags under them.

My reality is very different, however. I have PCOS which effects my weight, skin, energy, & hormones.

So instead of being a brilliantly beautiful surfer chick, riding the waves of my life with style. I look more like an overweight almost drowned cat, treading water, trying to keep a smile on my face. Repeating to myself: I’m okay. I’m okay. While my whole body aches for the shore, for rest.

So what do I do when I start feeling this way?

  • I start with my mantra: “take a breath”.
  • I pull up YouVersion on my phone & start reading about peace, gentleness, & mercy. Reminding myself of my safe anchor.
  • I try again.

Breathe. Re-focus. Try again.

Depending on what exactly is going on in my life, will determine how many times I must repeat. SO! this week’s affirmation is something I’m really working on during this season of my life…


I {Sarah} am comfortable in my own skin.

For everything we know about God’s Word is summed up in a single sentence: Love others as yourself. That’s an act of true freedom.

Galatians 5:14-15a MSG

I could write a lot about this scripture, from different vantage points, but these affirmation posts are meant to be pretty short. So I will just say this:  We are given example after example of how to be kind to others, how to treat others, how to encourage, serve, love, & celebrate others, even how to mourn with them! In this scripture, we are gently coached to love others AS WE LOVE OURSELVES.

Love ourselves just as much as we love others. Not love ourselves more than others. But to love ourselves well, & then love others even better. What a fabulous challenge! & what a great way to begin feeling comfortable in our own skin, clothes, hair, personality…

Every mistake we make or negative thought about ourselves that pops up this week, let us remind ourselves of this affirmation. As we keep moving forward let’s determine ourselves to love all humans well & remind ourselves that includes us.



The Mess in Me Honors the Mess in You

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