Weekly Affirmation – Letting Go

Today my Dad had his first chemo treatment.

Last week someone close to me had some messy divorce things going on.

The Hunky Hubby is on new & different schedules, leaving me a bit more lonely than the norm. {I’m realizing & accepting this is a common response to transition for me}

As summer comes to a close, my kids just do not seem to hear what is coming out of my mouth anymore.

& of course one of the things that has bothered me for the longest time ever…people trying to encourage {which is appreciated} with stories that I feel don’t relate to me. Or encouragement in ways that seems to say “stop feeling what you’re feeling”.

A lot of things happen in life that are out of our control. I can’t make the cancer magically dissipate. I can’t make people treat those I love a certain way. I can’t grow money on a tree. Or apparently word things in a way that my kids can absorb it the first time.

What I can do is this…


I joyfully release the past | allowing only love to surround me

I don’t want to avoid the way I feel. Even when it’s crappy! I want to move through it. I want to learn from it. Adjust. & then improve.

Part of doing this, is acknowledging the pain & emotions I’m experiencing. Holding that pain while processing & accepting. Then this next part is where some of us can get lost…I let it go. Release it.

By emptying our hands of the pain & hurt, we are able to grab hold of gratitude by the handfuls.

Our pain doesn’t have to outshine the beauty gratitude provides.

My children laughing, the smell of freshly mown grass, bills being paid, a vehicle to drive my kid to school, a husband who although tired – kisses me like he means it before crashing into slumber, dandelion bouquets, & jelly faced kisses.

I joyfully release the past & allow myself to see all the love surrounding me.

Want to join me? Comment below & tell me what you’re grateful for this week, as we keep moving forward through the chaos of life! 🙂



The Mess in Me Honors the Mess in You


2 thoughts on “Weekly Affirmation – Letting Go

  1. I’m grateful for my employment and the financially positive direction I’m leading my family in, for a beautiful family that loves me dearly and makes me feel like a celebrity, and for the courage and determination to somehow always make it through tough stuff. I’m grateful that although adulting sucks sometimes, most of the time it’s just me living my dreams and if my four year old self could see me now they’d think I was richer than a celebrity!

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