Today Hurts

A love filled message for you on your difficult days. ❤

Why We Don’t Get What We Pray For

If you find yourself constantly going over you're special formula for prayer & faith, but feel confused when things still end in hurt/pain/loss, I understand. Here are my thoughts on: why we don't always get what we pray for.

Losing Hadassah

Losing Hadassah - This post will include TMI & triggers in regards to miscarriage. Please feel no obligation read. Often I write for you, this I wrote for me. I also wanted to let someone out there know they aren't alone. & to provide a small window for those who've never been through this, to be able to understand just a little more than they did before. 

Living on a Prayer

Lord, help me accept life for what it is, while keeping hope that You take GOOD care of me & those I love. Even in the times where that isn't obvious to me, help me still trust that somehow the hardships we are enduring, are building a nest inside of us for peace to dwell.