Daring, Raw, & Shockingly Honesty

What does the real me look like? Can other people handle it? This week I was shockingly honest on Facebook...read more about the response I received & get your own dose of hope.

Living on a Prayer

Lord, help me accept life for what it is, while keeping hope that You take GOOD care of me & those I love. Even in the times where that isn't obvious to me, help me still trust that somehow the hardships we are enduring, are building a nest inside of us for peace to dwell. 

Na-mess-te Momma

I remember the first time I stepped into the hot yoga studio that would end up being my sanctuary for a season of my life. The heat was cathartic, which I took me by surprise because I usually don’t care for the heat. Some of my family even teases that me and my hunky hubby […]