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In addition to being passionate about self-care & loving others, I’m also passionate about making marriage work! I think that changing the narrative about marriage that it is boring & excruciating is super important. In an effort to do my part in igniting this change, I got my Hunky Hubby involved. We started managing an Instagram Feed together & began podcasting. Life happened & we unwillingly took a hiatus from podcasting, but are looking into starting it up again soon, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can check out our previous episodes & also follow us on Insta! We’ve also included some resources below that we think can be helpful in maintaining a connection or seeking to reconnect with your spouse!

In honor of celebrating 12 years married to the Hunky Hubby, I decided to do a series called “The 12 Years of Marriage”. These blog posts will be a recap of each year we’ve been married. It will include the highs & lows, along with what valuable lessons. Some may be a little more interesting than others, but each is a piece to our marriage puzzle.

We also decided to do a podcast to pair with each blog post! So if you’re interested in hearing us talk honestly about our struggles & laugh about our mistakes, while explaining some inside jokes, then this podcast is for you!! You can check it out & give us a friendly rating here: M.F.E.O. Podcast

Thank you for your support & we hope you enjoy.


Blog Posts:

Wedding Day

Newlyweds| Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Year Five

Year Six

Year Seven

Year Eight

Year Nine

Year Ten

Year Eleven

Year Twelve


Do you know your love language? How about the love language of your spouse? You can take a short quiz & find out more information on their website: 5lovelanguagesIMG_4066.PNG