12 Years of Marriage

In honor of celebrating 12 years married to the Hunky Hubby, I decided to do a series called “The 12 Years of Marriage”.

Every week I’m posting a recap of each year we’ve been married. It will have the highs & lows, along with what we learned. Some may be a little more interesting others, but each our a piece to our marriage puzzle.

We also decided to do a podcast every week about each blog post! So if you’re interested in hearing us talk honestly about our struggles & laugh about our mistakes, while explaining some inside jokes, then this podcast is for you!!

Thank you for your support & we hope you enjoy.


M.F.E.O. Podcast

Wedding Day

Newlyweds| Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Year Five

Year Six

Year Seven

Year Eight

Year Nine

Year Ten

Year Eleven

Year Tweleve