Solitude can be a helpful tool in your healing or even just your managing of emotions. Isolation is different.
Here's what I've learned.

In the Middle

What happens in the middle of your grief process? You're no longer in the fallout of your loss, but you're not completely healed... In this post I share with you some of my thoughts from this very place..."the middle"

Losing Hadassah

Losing Hadassah - This post will include TMI & triggers in regards to miscarriage. Please feel no obligation read. Often I write for you, this I wrote for me.
I also wanted to let someone out there know they aren't alone. & to provide a small window for those who've never been through this, to be able to understand just a little more than they did before. 

Affirmations – I am enough

Are you a wreck today? Are you failing to handle life gracefully? Do you have a loooong list of things you need to improve? Even if all these things are true, You are still enough.
Just as you are in this moment, enough.

Embracing Uncertainty

The season we may be going through today, may seem difficult, the plot unknown, waters uncharted. Our pain may be a loud gong inside our heads. BUT somehow if we keep moving forward, keeping our eyes peeled for hope, it will show up. 

People Need People

Have you ever felt like sharing what you are going through is so tiny compared to the big things others are going through? Here's why I think it ALL matters & why we should share with others!

My Father’s Day Non-Eulogy

Having faith while allowing yourself the freedom to process through your emotions is what God wants for us. It's what God wants for my Dad. As we navigate this path post cancer diagnosis.

Weekly Affirmation – Big Feelings

Realizing what to do with your feelings is a helpful step toward success. Especially in relationships that involve someone with mental health struggles. This week's affirmation addresses what we can do with all our very important, very big feelings.

What Did You Say to Me?

The longer I'm married the more I realize just how different we all communicate with one another. I can explain something as "clear as day" to my hunky hubby & I look up only to see the most confused look on his face. Here’s how we can combat that.